Ballin' on a Budget: How to Decorate Your Space for Less

Decorating your home doesn't have to require you working over hours to cover the debt you've put on your CC as a result of your pinterest envy. As a matter of fact, the best home interior ideas are often DIYs, the result of lengthy or (extremely lucky) scavenger finds, or that underestimated tool we have called imagination.

We've searched the web for the best cheap decorating ideas.

1. Lighting
If you're fond of lights and love to create the perfect evening ambiance, using candles in a creative way can make all the difference in your home decor. Instead of spending tons on fancy-shmancy lamps, try recycling empty glass bottles, keeping various sizes and placing tea light candles inside of them, as pictured in these decorated jam jars.

2. Gallery Walls
Contrarily to popular belief, gallery walls don't necessarily have to be of pictures of you and/or your loved ones. If you're not one to flash your precious memories for the world to see, then you can frame other photographic elements, and make a wall of whatever theme you desire to be reminded of on daily.

3. Unconventional shopping
Kijiji. Craiglist. Garage Sales. The Salvation Army. Your local classified Ads.
The saying 'One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure' could not be truer when it comes to home decorating. People are constantly looking to rid themselves of things, and often so for free. You just need to put your humble pants on and be willing to do a little scavenging, be it online. You'd be surprised by what some people no longer wish to own.

4. Refurbishing
Although this may cost you more in some instances, refurbishing old furniture can actually spare you a couple hundred of dollars, all the while preserving that old stained couch that you're having trouble letting go of due to all the memories built around it. Not to mention it can leave the item in an even better state than that which you initially left it in.

5. Painting
Never underestimate the revamping power of a simple coat of paint. Going from white walls to blue ones can make all the difference in the tone and feel of a room. Sometimes we think we want to move, when really a change as simple as room colour can satisfy our crave for something new.


By Daniele-Jocelyne Otou