How To Cleanse Yourself Of An Ex’s Bad Energy

Everyone deals with breakups in their own way, but the spiritual world has a few suggestions as to how we can make a clean transition from coupled to single life.

If you've never considered getting over a breakup to be a spiritual process, think again. Many forms of spirituality put an emphasis on the self and its well-being, which absolutely encompasses matters of the heart. Regardless of how or why a breakup occurs, it's just about a given that it left some serious feelings in its wake.

[Here is] how you can resolve those feelings while still making a clean break from your past relationship. Now that's what we call winning a breakup.


Write it all out — then let it go. 

There's a good chance you left a few things unsaid between you and your ex. This is your chance to get everything out without having to worry about censoring yourself. Write a message to your ex on a scrap of paper or dedicate an entire journal entry to your relationship's demise. Either way, putting your feelings into words will force you to think through what happened.
Once you've aired your grievances, scribble them out, throw the paper away, or even bury the pages in your yard. This final gesture represents your willingness to move on. And, though it may feel cliché, it just might help to burn the thoughts you've put to paper, too. There are whole rituals you can follow — and, of course, you can consult this iconic scene from Friends.


Get the right kinds of crystals.

Regardless of your needs, there's probably a crystal for that — and your breakup isn't an exception. You've probably heard that crystals like rose quartz and jasper can foster feelings of love, but there are stones that can help prepare you for new beginnings, too. Pick up a moonstone, phantom quartz, or pink opal if you need a little energetic boost to move on.
We recommend using a couple crystals with these general properties and creating a grid with all of them. Crystals are an especially helpful cleansing method if you shared your room or home with your ex. Keeping the crystals near your bed and the entryways will make the space feel like yours again.


Redo your bedroom. 

If sex played a role in your breakup, your bedroom's energy might be due for a tuneup. As feng shui expert and consultant Janice Sugita told us, it's surprisingly simple to arrange your bedroom for better and more fulfilling sex.
Make sure your room isn't too messy or over-decorated. It may be time to simplify your color scheme or upgrade your sheets' thread count. These are just a couple tweaks you can make to your room that are in keeping with feng shui principles. If anything, you might find some of your ex's old stuff while tidying up — and we leave it up to you how you dispose of it.


Go outside.

No catch here — seriously. Just getting out of the house, breathing some fresh air, and seeing some green can be immensely helpful. Not only will a brisk stroll help you blow off some steam, getting back to nature will remind you of the world outside of you and your love life.
Nature's restorative properties have been well-documented, and they can work wonders on your spiritual and emotional well-being, too. And, if you live near any public parks, there's a chance you live near an open-air labyrinth. If there's ever a time to practice some silent meditation, it's after a breakup.


Take time for self-care — and self-love.

Much like a full moon, a breakup can seriously affect your emotions (and compromise your control over them, to boot). With that in mind, take plenty of time for yourself, whether that means starting a therapeutic bath regimen or embarking upon a 30-day masturbation challenge, that is up to you.


By: Sara Coughlin

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