Flower Crowns, Festival Fashion, and how to Escape the Boho-Rut

Fashion is still part of a dream, fortunately.
— Carine Roitfeld for AnOther Mag Sept. 2012

Sitting in a room, lit only by the screen of the MacBook from which I read these words, I was stricken.

            The reverie that fashion provides as a positive shift from whatever reality one might be facing, is precisely what has compelled creative minds across generations to continue investing time, energy and, in many circumstances, money into it. For instance, when the 60s revival dawned on the festival fashion horizon, bringing with it floral prints, ethereal maxis, and flower-adorned locks, the unquenchable yearning to have been alive during Woodstock that everyone experiences (or is that just me?), saw support through fashion. The notion that anyone can be the hippie that their parents warned them about (or that their parents were themselves) suddenly fell within reach. The opportunitypresented itself for Millennials to live out that fantasy in a way that was fresh and authentic. The now sweeping popularity of the boho-inspired look and increasingly repetitive takes on its execution – primarily at music festivals – however, have rendered the very fabric of the dream it represents into a diluted version of its former self.

            This, in the fashion world, is the equivalent to a code red or a state of emergency. When the well of inspiration dries out, it’s important to seek a new angle. So when the festival circuit becomes a dull and baron landscape as far as style goes, the best thing to do is what others typically are not. For those of you who need a little nudge to get the ball rolling, here are some ideas that may do the trick:

1.  Casual

            Just as silence can sometimes be more powerful than words, casual dressing, when done well and in the right context, can be more impactful than glitz and glam. And a day outdoors surrounded by sun, grass, and dust being kicked up by people’s dancing feet is as fitting a context for simplicity as one could ever hope to encounter. A pair of denim shorts and a loose-fitting tee or tank will get you farther than you’d expect on the festival circuit. These classics have been woven intrinsically into the fabric of fashion throughout the years, surviving economic disparity as well as shifting trends, namely due to their laissez-faire appeal and their ability to be dressed up or down. For instance, a pair of lightly ripped, hip-hugging boyfriend shorts with a plain white tee worn alongside a pair of loafers, perhaps a matching belt, and some understated jewelry for embellishment is a perfect getup that provides all of the comforts of casualness without the mental anguish of looking off-point.   

2.  Mix ‘n’ Match

            There is nothing – I repeat – NOTHING more badass in the fashion world than a chick who knows how to blend all sorts of styles into one killer outfit. Boho chic, grunge-inspired, preppy; why choose just one of these when you can literally wear them all at once? Take the floral maxi dress, for example. Sure, it ties in with the whole flower crown epidemic that seems to have taken on a life of its own, but what if you paired it with a choker, some cool sneakers and a leather jacket? The key to avoiding dime-a-dozen trends isn’t necessarily to avoid the pieces associated with them altogether, but to style them differently than how they’re being marketed. So, ladies, it’s time to make like Sir Mix-a-lot, and mix.....a lot (take this as an example of why I write for fashion and not comedy).

3.  Glam

            Glamour doesn’t have to be reserved solely for those onstage. As a matter of fact, it’s a look that requires a lot of know-how to pull off just right, and a keen eye for what’s “out there” without it being too much. The challenge of perfecting a look that demonstrates the key elements of glam without it being incredibly inconvenient for an outdoor music festival goes without mentioning, although that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t at least be attempted. I’m talking big hair, bold makeup, and too many sparkles to ever be justified. To pull off such an intense statement in such an impromptu venue, moderation is key. When choosing your beauty products, might I suggest the ever-cliché bold lip. Instead of going for the classic reds or fuchsias, try a bright orange or even a lilac hue. While these don’t scream traditional glam, they’re fun and fresh derivatives that are perfect for someone looking to dawn a serious statement in the crowd. Add in a shimmery bronzer and sky-high lashes, and you’ve got yourself a true glam-inspired beauty look. On the clothing side of things, try an a-line sequined dress like this one (nasty gal link). Depending on how cheeky you want to get, slap on a pair of platforms or even some wacky flats for added flare. This look is easy to manipulate into whatever your perfectly contoured little heart desires; darken the tone on your makeup for a neo-seapunk meets glam aesthetic, or switch out the dress for a pair of metallic shorts for a more casual approach. The options are, indeed, endless.


By KarYna Evangelista