RAVES & REVIEWS OF OUR FAVE 'for girls by girls' Goods AU COURANT


Ruby Cup

We love products that go one step further. And while periods can be a pain (no pun intended) - for some girls they are the difference between getting an education, staying healthy, maintaining some dignity and well, not. In come Ruby Cup; the menstrual cup that gives back. One for one, every single purchase by you means a cup, training and menstrual health education for a girl in East Africa. How can you not be in with love that?

KqCfOLCI.jpg & collective

FINALLY, something for us. Jk, tons of things are for us these days, but now we can add porn to our list. Yup, you read that right - PORN. By girls for girls, because nobody knows what women want like women. All kinds, all ways; videos, pictures, gifs and stories. You can even submit if you like. All the fantasy and backstory you want - or just straight to the point fucking. No shame, no searching seedy sites and dodging shady pop-ups. And then there's the collective; a wonderful land of sex positive articles sharing information and stories about what its like being a modern sex-feigning woman. (Cuz we all know we are.) Our only warning? Make sure you finish whatever the fuck it is you have to do before exploring - because you won't be leaving anytime soon. And oh yeah, N(fucking)SFW!


Julie Houts illustrations

For girls with a sense of humour, Julie Houts'  illustrations will be the best thing to come through your Insta feed in a long time. From fresh blow dry bearing, Starbucks sipping, Chloe toting “girlbosses” to barefaced dead eyed forever unimpressed minimalists, she pokes fun at every aspect of the “modern girl” in a refreshingly real and down to earth way. Calling bullshit on all our, well, bullshit - JH’s drawings are just the right dose of “get over yourself” to keep shit sane and get you through the day.



Bubble-gum pink might not be the first colour that comes to mind when thinking of the perfect leather bag. And yet, somehow, the two girls behind one of our favorite all-girl, all-Canadian brands have us wondering how on earth we've managed to survive this long without one. Even more irresistible, proceeds from every sale go towards providing business loans to budding female entrepreneurs in Uganda. So basically, buying this bag makes you a kind of modern day Mother Theresa. You're welcome.



Forget princesses who need saving and fairy godmothers to the rescue - this bedtime book is about real girls, past and present, who's stories outshine any fiction you could write. From Frida Khalo to Serena Williams to Jane Goodall, these are stories of rebel girls of all kinds who didn't ask permission to be great. And get this - all the art is by female illustrators from around the world. The kickstarter dream of two women who wanted better stories to tell their daughters, this project how now turned into so much more. Yeah, officially on the required course material's list.


Karla Deras' 'The Line by K'

Literally OBSESSED with this woman. Not only has she turned her passion (and impeccable taste) for fashion into the hottest 'cool girl' brand this side of the Atlantic, but she's become the ultimate embodiment of all of our inner sex kittens in the process. All shapes, all sizes, all colours; celebrated and sexy. And in the most refreshingly real way. So LA, and so effortlessly feminine, The Line by K is major goals for any 2017 wardrobe.


lovability inc's vegan condoM PACKs

Okay no wait - this is awesome. Putting the power of your sexuality back in your hands (where its supposed to be), Lovability's sex positive condom kits make talking about sex and safety fun. Like 'can everyone in this cafe please just take a minute to appreciate my adorable condom pack' fun. No shame. The only thing we can't figure out here is why that damn Fboy Repellent bottle is so damn small... ?


Angela Luna's 'Tent Cape'

Part humanitarian innovation, part super awesome Samurai-Katniss hybrid raincoat, this is what fashion of the future looks like. Or at least, we hope it is. Inspired by the millions of displaced refugees from across the globe and a passion to do something more, Angela Luna is redefining what it means to be a fashion designer. With a collection that includes everything from wearable tents, to life-vests and baby carriers, Luna has already made her mark on the global functional fashion scene. And she's only like, twenty.